South Korea Radio Equipment Certification

In recent months, the team at Eurofins Hursley have received a number of enquiries from clients asking about South Korean approvals and labelling requirements. Specs and certification can be hard to keep up with, so here’s a short round-up of changes you may not be aware of.

Labelling changes

Towards the end of last year, the National Radio Research Agency (RRA) published the “Notification on Conformity Assessment of Broadcasting and Communication Equipment” (Notice No. 2017-14). The major change to take place following the announcement was that the “MSIP” section of the certificate ID structure will be replaced by “R” – indicating the “Radio Act and Radio Wave Law”.

The new labelling format is as follows:

The product ID (6) can be 14 digits, alphabet characters or numbers. Hyphens and underscores are allowed, but blank spaces aren’t.

The changes were effective following the transition period which ended on 30th June 2018, though existing certified products that were approved with the original MSIP ID prior to 5th December 2017 do not need to modify their identification codes.

Labelling requirements

The product itself and its packaging need to have the KC logo, R ID and KCC information* printed. If the packaging material is transparent and the label on the product surface is visible, there is no need for this to be repeated on the packaging.

*KCC information contains the certificate holder’s name, product model name, C/O and the manufacturing date (year/month). If space is limited on the product, the KCC information can be placed in the user manual.

Eurofins Hursley are accredited for all South Korean EMC specs. If you have any question or requests for compliance services for your current projects, give us a call on 02380 271111 or fill in our contact form.

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