Technology advancements and predictions for 2019

‘Tis the season for lists and at Eurofins Hursley, we’ve got our round-up of the biggest technology trends and advancements coming to the industry in 2019…

Duel AI

We’re not strangers to artificial intelligence (AI); it’s been one of the most talked-about technological revolutions for several years now. But what’s making 2019 a big year for AI is the fact that only now is it starting to advance into all aspects of our day-to-day and business lives.

Next year, expect to see further progression as developers look to pit AI against itself to see if they can out-smart one another. One concept which is being researched works hand-in-hand with CAPTCHA, which requires people to complete actions or answer questions in order to proceed when filling in forms or purchasing products. Currently, there is the possibility that clever AI systems can pass these measures, so any evolution could be huge for online browsing and security protection.

3D Metal Printing

Up until recently, 3D printing objects with anything other than plastics has been an expensive and slow process. This could all be about to change, though, as researchers look to develop machine learning tools to improve efficiency and change the way we mass-produce for the better.

Big names in the industry, such as HP and General Electric (GE), are one step ahead in the metal 3D printing game, with the latter having already 3D-printed their own aircraft jet engines. German automaker, Volkswagen, has also just opened a new advanced 3D printing centre that will revolutionise their prototype and tool production facilities.

Autonomous Vehicles

With the government looking to position the UK “at the forefront” of self-driving cars, this is one development in technology that you don’t want to miss.

Manufacturers like Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan have been undertaking their own tests on streets across the country with the hope that they will be able to release their models in the coming years.

Audi, meanwhile, has been taking the in-car entertainment experience one step further with their “25th Hour” project. Drivers spend an average of 50 minutes per day at the wheel, so the company is looking into how we can make this time more productive and will be revealing their technology at CES in January.

In terms of public transport, we can expect to see the first autonomous buses and taxis in mainstream use, along with freight vehicles; which will aim to make our roads safer and more efficient.


In comparison to 4G network technology, 5G operates at much higher frequencies and with larger bandwidths. It’s expected to support minimum speeds of 10-50 Gbps and will have far superior latency, meaning there will be little to no delay for loading times.

We’re expecting to see the first release of 5G devices towards the end of next year, but coverage likely won’t be widespread in the UK until 2020. When readily available, it will open doors to more opportunities for smart technology and also improve the operation of the likes of wearable tech, driverless cars and smart traffic lights.


Wearables are set to undergo their own mini revolution in 2019 as they become commonplace in both personal and corporate worlds.

On the factory floor, manufacturers are using wearables to communicate interactive work instructions to employees and improve their productivity. Boeing workers have been using smart glasses which put airplane wing schematics in their field of view, subsequently freeing up their hands to focus on the task and allowing them to complete assembly 25% quicker.

Healthcare is another industry to have benefited immensely from the growth in wearables, with the likes of the Apple Watch now able to perform ECGs and Fitbit releasing their own wellness, prevention and disease management platform. Expect to see demand grow in the coming months as more companies look to break into the market.

Check back in with Eurofins Hursley’s Industry Insights next year for more updates and news on the technology industry!

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