Hursley EMC Services joins Eurofins Group

As of February 2018, Eurofins E&E Product Testing (UK) has acquired the entire share capital of Hursley EMC Services (HEMCS) Ltd.

HEMCS was formed in 1997 as a management buyout from IBM UK. Since then it has developed into a leading provider of civil and military regulatory EMC compliance services in both the UK and overseas. It has two laboratories in southern Hampshire.

The Eurofins Group is a leading provider of analytical services with an international network of over 400 laboratories across 40 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific. It employs over 35,000 staff.

The Eurofins Group is committed to providing the highest quality services, accurate results in time and expert advice by its highly qualified staff.

Former Managing Director of HEMCS, Rob St John James, commented:

“Since moving to our new laboratory in 2013, Hursley EMC has grown rapidly and we have made significant investments in our staff and our testing services. By joining the Eurofins Group, we can ensure that this momentum is maintained and that our business continues to develop so that we are even better able to meet the global regulatory compliance needs of our customers in the future.”

CEO at Eurofins York, Nick Wainwright, commented:

“We are very pleased to welcome Hursley EMC Services to the Eurofins Group. Hursley EMC Services further increases Eurofins presence and capability in the Electrical & Electronics (E&E) testing market in the UK after the recent acquisition of Electronic Test & Calibration (ETC). We are looking forward to contributing to and expanding the portfolio of tests it offers to customers by offering the full range of services and capabilities of the Eurofins’ network.“

Following the purchase by the Eurofins Group, Hursley EMC Services Limited has changed its name to Eurofins E&E Hursley Limited. The formal name change reflects our new ownership as well as the much broader range of regulatory compliance services that we can offer. Other than our name, all other aspects of the company remain unchanged. We are the same legal entity with the same company number and the staff that you deal with on a day-to-day basis are also unchanged. Our Accreditations and Formal Certifications remain under Hursley EMC Services Limited and will continue to do so until they are updated as part of the regular cycle of audits and reviews.

Expansion plans

As part of the acquisition by Eurofins E&E a new expansion plan for the Hursley labs is in place and investment in a new 3M Fully Anechoic Room (FAR) is now in place for 4Q18.

The use of a FAR is now coming into most standards from domestic products to radio products, and it will allow Eurofins Hursley to double the capability for radiated emissions and immunity at Trafalgar House. With the move by many standards to 6GHz for immunity, the testing is more than a basic 8 hour shift. The new FAR will help reduce overall lead times, and hugely improve the throughput of the laboratory.

We have planned for minimum impact to the normal lab areas during the construction phase.

We will keep you updated on this new expansion over the next few months. The new expansion will add:

  1. Dedicated 3M FAR for radiated emissions and immunity
  2. New improved dedicated lighting lab
  3. New immunity lab

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