6GHz Radiated Immunity testing on our UKAS scope now

For several years now the frequency limit has been set at 2.7GHz for many product specs. Recent developments in radio specs and the prevalence of 5.4GHz WiFi has resulted in product specific standards, and the new EN55035 Multi-Media Equipment standard requiring this to be increased to 6GHz. Medical, Railway, Radio and the new Generics all now have requirements to 6GHz.

With an investment in new amplifiers, antennas and signal generators, Hursley EMC has gained UKAS accreditation for this new requirement.

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The Challenge of Digital Healthcare

Recently there have been some big movements amongst tech companies attempting to steer their way into the massively lucrative healthcare industry. Exemplified by Apple’s latest extension to their healthcare strategy and Nokia’s purchase of the French company Withings (a design innovator in healthcare technology), it seems that there is a new drive towards making digital healthcare a mainstream reality.

Traditionally, this has been an area of slow growth due to the amount of administration it would take for healthcare professionals to update all medical records to digital, Cloud based systems. Not to mention the security and privacy challenges associated with moving our health records onto the Cloud.

With this in mind, we have taken a look at what new attempts are being made to move healthcare in a digital direction, and what challenges come with it.

Case Study – Marchbanks Medical Systems

Item: Cerebral and Cochlear Fluid Pressure (CCFP) Analyser

As a customer of Eurofins Hursley for nearly 20 years, Marchbanks Medical Systems came to us to test a system they had been working on for a few years.

Device background

After discovering that there is a fluid link between the brain and ear, Marchbanks Medical Systems developed a device that enables doctors to detect life-threatening head injuries and infections without the need for surgery or spinal procedures.

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