• Welcome to Eurofins Hursley

    Welcome to Eurofins Hursley

    UKAS Accredited, independent EMC Test laboratory in the south of England.
    Recognised as the most experienced EMC laboratory in the UK for IT products.

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  • Military & Avionics

    Military & Avionics

  • RF Surveys

    RF Surveys

Commercial EMC 

We perform UKAS accredited EMC testing to International standards. Certification under the NEMKO EMC Authorisation (ELA) scheme guarantees our reports to be accepted worldwide. We are UK Notified Body for approving Technical Files.

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Military & Avionics

military accreditation

We are currently accredited to DEFSTAN 59-41 and the new DEFSTAN 59-411. We can also conduct accredited EMC testing to USA MIL461D, E & F and perform EMC testing to DO160D, E, F & G under UKAS approval.

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RF Surveys

RF Surveys are becoming more prevalent with all sectors of business becoming reliant on sensitive IT and communications equipment. 'Radio Pollution' has become a significant factor affecting the usability of commercial and industrial properties.

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David Taylor

Snell Limited

HEMCS has been my first choice lab for over 10 years. Always extremely professional and, on the odd occasion when a first time pass was not achieved, knowledgeable in resolving problems. Their customer service is second to none and I am confident new customers will find the same.


Charlie Blackham

Sulis Consultants

I have used Eurofins Hursley for the last 6 years, handling more than 40 EMC and radio projects for me. Whether pre-testing a prototype for EMC emissions, resolving ESD failure issues or supporting FCC certification, EMC are competent and diligent and I strongly recommend them.


Ken Summerbell

Captec UK

Captec use Eurofins Hursley regularly and most of our projects are on short timelines so our test requirements evolve quickly. We always find that their know how, responsiveness and agility are key elements of our project success. We are impressed with the facilities, great service and support and consider them part of our team.


Richard Hardy

EMC Consultant

As an EMC Consultant with over 20 years of experience, I have no hesitation in using Eurofins E&E Hursley Limited for all of my Commercial and Maritime CE Marking requirements, their helpful and flexible approach is a major factor in keeping my promises to clients.

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