RF Site Surveys

There is an increased focus in the media on radiation levels from various portable devices with potential health risks. EMF and RF surveys are now part of most pre-design and pre-construction phases for all building projects. Here at Eurofins Hursley we are able to work on-site before and during construction, or upon completion and assess the RF levels and relate these to human exposure limits.

Eurofins E&E Hursley Limited has extensive experience of working with large and small projects running over days or, as with the recent Heathrow Terminal 5 project, several years. We can carry out RF surveys covering a typical frequency range from DC to 70GHz.

We have undertaken surveys for the Docklands Light Railway project, the new East Coast Line and the new High Speed Rail Link.Our site survey team accurately measure signal levels and interference sources and then generates a comprehensive signal model of the area surveyed.

As well as RF surveys, we also offer EMF surveys for offices and work-places for compliance to the new Human Exposure Directive EN62311 and the EMF standards EN50366 and EN62233.Employers have a duty-of-care to ensure staff environments conform to EU limits for a safe working environment.

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