Home & Professional AV EMC

Eurofins Hursley Services is fully accredited to test all Audio Visual (AV) products. AV products are sub-classified into professional and home categories.

Professional AV

Professional AV is covered by EN55032 or EN55103-1 & EN55103-2. Products are classified into different categories depending on working environment. These are E1, E2, E3 (Class B), E4 & E5 (Class A).

Immunity requirements change with categories also.

There are some unique magnetic requirements for low frequency emissions and immunity. We are one of the few UK test labs certified to perform these tests.

Home AV

Home AV is covered by  EN55032 or EN55013 & EN55020, and relates to all items used in the home and office and includes; radios, amplifiers, TV, DVB and set top boxes.

With the growing number of home AV devices now on the market utilising a microprocessor controller the boundaries of home AV to IT are becoming blurred with most products now containing a PC based controller of some sort.

The new CISPR32 and CISPR35 will address these issues with environment specific areas. CISPR32 and EN55032 are now listed in the Official Journal and we have UKAS accreditation for both. We would recommend using EN55032 for future testing.

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